ワインエンシュージアスト誌 2016年 トップ100ワイン : Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100 Wines 2016 発表

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Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100 Wines 2016

As the year winds down, we can't help but reflect on our favorite wine tastings of 2016. We reviewed nearly 22,000 wines this year, so there's certainly a lot to recall. But after compiling our Top 100 Best Buy list of the ultimate affordable sippers and then helping to invest in a stellar-cellar future with our list of Top 100 Cellar Selections, it's time for the big one—The Enthusiast­ 100: our list of standout wines to buy and drink over the next few years.

The best of the best in more ways than one, this veritable shopping list illustrates the fantastic variety and diversity available to consumers today. With wines from 15 countries and across all styles—from punchy reds to delicate whites, brilliant rosés to sweeties and bubblies—it is an all-encompassing­ ranking that offers something for every palate and occasion.

The best news of all? In addition to these wines' variety, they boast excellent quality-to-price ratios. They average 94 points and $36. In addition, we put in the work to hunt down these wines, confirming availability to ensure they are attainable. Because what’s worse than finding out about a great wine and not being able to buy it anywhere?

That said, these selections won't stay on the shelves for long, so grab them, raise your glass and give a toast to blissful drinking.

 年間が終わるにつれて、私たちは 2016年の好きなワインのテイスティングを反映するのを助けることはできません。今年は 約 2万 2,000種のワインを見直しました。 しかし、究極の手頃な価格のシッパーのトップ100ベスト バイ リストを作成し、トップ100 セラーセレクションのリストを使って恒星 - セラーの未来への投資を支援した後は、大きな一歩を踏み出しましょう - ザ・エンシュージアスト 100:卓越したワインリスト次の数年間で購入し、飲む。
 1つ以上の最高の最高のショッピングリストは、今日の消費者が利用できる素晴らしい多様性と多様性を示しています。 15ヶ国から、そして、パンチレッドからデリケートな白、華麗なロゼ、甘いもの、泡まで、あらゆるスタイルを網羅したワインは、すべての味覚や機会に何かを提供する総合的なランキングです。
 すべての最高のニュース?これらのワインの品種に加えて、それらは、優れた品質と価格の比を誇っています。 平均94点、36ドル。 さらに、これらのワインを狩り、それらが達成可能であることを確認するための可用性を確認する作業に取り組んでいます。 偉大なワインを見つけ出し、それをどこからでも買うことができないのは悪いことだからです。 つまり、これらの選択は、長い間 棚にとどまることはないので、それらをつかんで、あなたのグラスを持ち上げて、おしゃれな飲み物に乾杯してください。

ワインエンシュージアスト誌 2016年間 Top 100 から
TOP 1位〜20位までを抜粋して掲載

表示順:ランク スコア ワイン レヴュー ( Editors' Choice ) アルコール% プライス

96点 La Rioja Alta 2005 Gran Reserva 904 (Rioja).
One look, one whiff, one taste and you're swooning. This mature, tawny, ready-to-drink gran reserva with aromas of lemon peel, cedar and dried cherry is the epitome of elegance. A juicy, supple palate is highly approachable, while flavors of vanilla, orange peel, saffron and dried plum don't waver on the finish. Drink through 2027. La Rioja Alta, USA. Editors' Choice. —M.S.
abv: 13.5% Price: $50

備 考:ワインアドヴォケイト誌 2005vt - [WA 96点] eRobertParker.com #218 (2015-04-30)
   「 2005年のグラン・レゼルバ 904 は、グラシアーノとテンプラニーリョの素晴らしいブレンドで構成されている。 葡萄は、除梗し粉砕、25℃に温度管理されたステンレスタンクにて18日間マロラクティック発酵を行う。 このワインは、リオハでも最も厳格で伝統的なアメリカンオークの樽にて長期熟成が行われる。 樟脳のノートにミント、なめし革やバルサミコ、キルシュリキュールの香りに包まれており、エレガントで古典的なバランスの取れた香り。 味わいは、ミディアムボディで、塩気とミネラル感、超微細なタンニンに囲まれた偉大で古典的な味わいが楽しめる。 飲み頃:2015 〜 2035年 」

 参考税込価格 6,458 円・送料別
 格 付:D.O. リオハ
 品 種:テンプラニーリョ、グラシアーノ

La Rioja Alta S A Gran Reserva 904 -2005 label.jpg

98点 Wayfarer 2014 Wayfarer Vineyard Chardonnay (Fort Ross-Seaview).
This is yet another stunning wine from this site, guided by the capable hands of Winemaker and Viticulturalist Bibiana González Rave, who has coaxed from it beguiling layers of complex concentration and sublime notions of tang and salt. The only white from a sea of Pinot Noir grown here, it speaks to what the extreme Sonoma Coast can bring to the variety—a celebration of lemon zest, crisp apple and brioche delicately wrapped in minerality. Editors' Choice. —V.B.
abv: 14.5% Price: $80

 備 考:2013年産 - [ PF98点 / WE95点 / AG94点 ]
  ピノ・ファイル PF 98点 [ 2015 Chardonnay All Americans ]
  ピノ・ファイル誌 「 高価なワインだが 一切不当ではない。 ケタ外れのハイクオリティ・ワイン 」
  ワインエンシュージアスト誌 WE 95点 [ Editors' Choice ]
  ヴィノス( A. ガローニ ) AG 94点
  ピノ・ファイルが選ぶ 『 2015年度シャルドネ・オール・アメリカン 』 ファースト・グループ12本( 年間TOP12本 )に選出。 2013年は 評論家 ダグ・ワイルダー氏 DW:98点、2014年は ワイン・エンシュージアスト誌 WE:98点確定、2年で3度の98点獲得。

 参考税込価格 13,500 円・送料別
 品 種:シャルドネ

WAYFARER Chardonnay 2014.jpg

94点 Benanti 2014 Rosso (Etna).

Made with 85% Nerello Mascalese and 15% Nerello Cappuccio, this radiant red boasts a beautiful fragrance of blue and red flower, ripe berry, cake spice and aromatic herb. The radiant, delicious palate doles out layers of juicy black cherry, raspberry compote, cinnamon, white pepper and clove while a mineral note backs up the lingering finish. It's young but balanced, with bright acidity and tightly wound but refined tannins. Lyra Wine. Editors' Choice. —K.O.
abv: 13.5% Price: $24

 参考税込価格 2,592 円・送料別
 格 付:エトナ D.O.C. Rosso
 品 種:ネレッロ・マスカレーゼ、ネレッロ・カップッチョ
 樹 齢:約40年
 熟 成:約80% ステンレスタンク熟成、約20% フレンチオーク樽 8〜10ヶ月間熟成
 備 考:ロッソ・ディ・ヴェルツェッラは、ネレッロ・マスカレーゼ種80%、ネレッロ・カップチョ20%から造られるベナンティのスタンダードクラスの赤です。

Benanti 2014 Rosso etna.jpg

95点 Dr. Loosen 2014 Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Spätlese (Mosel).
This intensely fruity, floral nectar hits the palate with electric force, catapulting vibrant acidity against sweet, tangy flavors of tangerine, peach and honey. A favorite amidst an excellent showing of 2014 Mosel spätlese, it's delicious now, but should continue to evolve well through at least 2020. Loosen Bros. USA. Editors' Choice. —A.I.
abv: 8% Price: $34

93点 José Maria da Fonseca 2014 José de Sousa (Alentejano).
Named after the owner of the estate in the Alentejo that the Fonseca family bought in 1986, this wine is packed with firm, generous tannins and ripe, juicy black fruits. It has some oak aging that has given the wine a polished feel. With its concentration, structure and final acidity, it will age well. Drink from 2018. Palm Bay International. Editors' Choice. —R.V.
abv: 15% Price: $16

95点 Holus Bolus 2013 Syrah (Sta. Rita Hills).
Though this bottling is Peter Hunken's least-expensive Syrah, it gives his single-vineyard expressions a serious run for the money for best of vintage. Amazing aromas of chipped asphalt, smoked beef, dense boysenberry, soy, cedar, sandalwood and soy drop into a palate of peppery berry juice, beef jerky, underripe blackberry and elderberry, and pepper-crusted teriyaki beef. Editors' Choice. —M.K.
abv: 14% Price: $32

Holus Bolus 2013 Syrah.jpg

93点 Domaine de l'Ecu 2014 Granite (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine).
Like all the wines from this domaine, this comes from biodynamically produced grapes. It is part of a series of wines named after the subsoil in which the vines are planted. The wine is tense, mineral and still young. It has a flinty character along with lemon and grapefruit fruit. There is a salty tang to this wine that really needs to age. Drink from late 2017. Polaner Selections. Editors' Choice. —R.V.
abv: 12% Price: $22

95点 COS 2014 Pithos Rosso (Vittoria).
Radiant and earthy, this blend of Frappato and Nero d'Avola boasts enticing scents suggesting dark-skinned berry, leather, sunbaked earth, sea breeze and a floral note. The creamy, succulent palate doles out juicy black cherry, black raspberry, white pepper and aromatic herb alongside supple tannins and fresh acidity. A saline note wraps up the finish. Drink 2017–2024. Domaine Select Wine & Spirits. —K.O.
abv: 12% Price: $30

95点 Domaine Eden 2013 Pinot Noir (Santa Cruz Mountains).
While this wine's Mount Eden sister bottling may better stand the test of time, the Domaine Eden is what most people will most like to drink right now, and it's cheaper, too. Aromas of dried violets, uncrushed boysenberries and pencil lead make for an ethereal nose that seems to hold secrets one must uncover. Precise tannins on the palate offer floral yet savory flavors of black sesame, nori, violet and mulberry. Mellow yet mysterious. Editors' Choice. —M.K.
abv: 13.5% Price: $35

 参考税込価格 5,130 円・送料別
 生産地:カリフォルニア、サンタ・クルーズ・マウンテン ( S.C.M. )
 品 種:ピノ・ノワール100%
 熟 成:約11ヶ月間熟成、新樽約50%
 備 考:発酵と熟成は、マウント・エデンと同様の手法をとり、ブルゴーニュスタイルのバレルを使用。
     ヴィノス( A.ガローニ ) AG:90点。

Domaine Eden PINOT NOIR 2013 Label.jpg

95点 Shea 2013 Shea Vineyard Chardonnay (Willamette Valley).
Here is an utterly irresistible wine—spicy, sensuous and layered with beautifully ripened citrus, tree and tropical fruits. A whiff of pine needle continues as a flavor thread, along with vanilla, buttered nuts, lemongrass and macaroon. This wine just keeps on going. Editors' Choice. —P.G.
abv: 13.9% Price: $35

95点 Malat 2014 Steinbühel Reserve Riesling (Kremstal).
Imagine a concentration of lemon juice in an airy cloud of freshness—that is the nose of this astonishing wine. On the palate the almost leafy spice of grapefruit peel shines through and reveals new but light-footed nuances of zesty citrus throughout, exuding both immense purity and charm. Circo Vino. —A.K.
abv: 12.5% Price: $37

94点 Cusumano 2014 Alta Mora (Etna).
Enticing scents of wild red berry, baking spice, aromatic herb and a balsamic note waft out of the glass. The elegant, juicy palate doles out succulent wild cherry, crushed raspberry, cinnamon and a note of white pepper while a mineral note backs up the finish. It's well balanced, with bright acidity and ultrafine tannins. Terlato Wines International. Editors' Choice. —K.O.
abv: 14% Price: $25

93点 Quinta de Chocapalha 2011 Tinto (Lisboa).
Aged for 18 months in wood, this impressive ripe wine is full of fruit and also a firm, smoky tannic structure. The partial fermentation in open stone tanks has given the wine an extra dimension of richness. This is a fine, concentrated wine that is now ready to drink. MundoVino–The Winebow Group. Editors' Choice. —R.V.
abv: 13.5% Price: $18

95点 Thomas Fogarty 2013 Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains).
From one of the preeminent Chardonnay producers in the country comes their least expensive yet perhaps most stunning bottling, showing strong lemon rind, sea salt, Gravenstein apple and a floral touch of honeysuckle on the nose. The wondrously zippy and saline palate is framed by a grippy, grapefruit-rind-led tension, but opens just enough to allow the slightest hints of lemon curd and delicate marzipan warmth. Editors' Choice. —M.K.
abv: 13.5% Price: $35

94点 Adriano Marco & Vittorio 2013 Sanadaive (Barbaresco).
Enticing scents of fragrant blue flower, ripe red berry, baking spice, menthol and new leather lead the way. Fresh and elegant, the palate delivers juicy red cherry, raspberry, cinnamon, white pepper and licorice while firm, polished tannins lend structure and a smooth mouthfeel. Drink 2018–2023. Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd. Editors' Choice. —K.O.
abv: 13.5% Price: $30

94点 Mullineux 2014 Syrah (Swartland).
This ripe selection conveys a superb sense of balance and refinement, with forward aromas and flavors of black cherry and brambly berry framed by notes of wood spice, mocha and pressed violet. Velvety in feel, the texture is plush and seductive, with fine yet structured tannins and ample acidity to keep the palate fresh through the close. It's certainly delicious now, but this should age well through 2022. Kysela Père et Fils. Editors' Choice. —L.B.
abv: 14% Price: $40

93点 Berger 2015 Lössterrassen Grüner Veltliner (Kremstal).
Zesty lime and green fern aromas rise from the glass. The palate merely adds a little green pear fruit to this refreshing and enlivening combo of utter cleanness and verve. The linearity and drive make this moreish, very exciting and totally lip-smacking. Echoes of pepper on the aftertaste make it even more intriguing. Skurnik Wines, Inc. —A.K.
abv: 13% Price: $20

97点 Roar 2014 Garys' Vineyard Pinot Noir (Santa Lucia Highlands).
Jaw-dropping on all fronts, this wine by the pioneering Franscioni family approaches regional perfection. Black plum fruit meets with dried violet and lavender on the extremely well-integrated nose, while a mineral tension frames the palate. Flavors of black plum and blackberry jam are cut by rocky earth and wild mint, and the acidity is vibrant but not overpowering. —M.K.
abv: 14.9% Price: $58

94点 Pieropan 2013 Calvarino (Soave Classico).
This dazzling white is a lesson in finesse and balance. It opens with alluring delicate scents of white wild flowers, chopped herbs, almonds and orchard fruits. The elegant palate offers layers of crisp apple and creamy pear, and radiant acidity brightens the intense flavors while a mineral note closes the lingering finish. Drink through 2023. LUX Wines. Editors' Choice. —K.O.
abv: 13% Price: $31

94点 Trisaetum 2015 Coast Range Estate Dry Riesling (Yamhill-Carlton).
An acid-lover's Riesling, this is bone dry and loaded with phenolic detail. Fruit flavors run the table on citrus, most especially grapefruit, with plenty of pith and rind. It's lush, tart and deeply penetrating. Editors' Choice. —P.G.
abv: 12% Price: $28



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